Welcome to Talsinki. Where breathing is light, and thoughts fly. Where the soul finds its peace. Full of life, yet calm and soothing. A quarter that is a hymn to Finland – and a hymn to Estonia. To the both of us, since 2027.

86 000 sqm

Residential and business quarter

350 m

From city center

20 m

From the sea

14 000 sqm

Commercial area

17 000+ sqm

Office area




Underground parking spaces

One foot in Tallinn; rising up in the heart of city,
right on the seafront. Exactly where our paths shall meet.

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Talsinki is coming alive as we speak, in as much diversity as everything that ties Estonia and Finland together. From the dawn of time, today and tomorrow.

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mid 2024 to late 2027


until mid-2024


end of 2027

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Talsinki flower

One foot in Tallinn, another one in Helsinki –
and spirit running free in the forest.

A new quarter that is different and exciting, yet positively familiar, representing all that connects Finland and Estonia. Not only being a crossroads, but a crossbreed.

To be completed 2027.

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end of 2027

Talsinki flower Talsinki flower


until mid-2024

Talsinki is
developed by USRE

US Real Estate is a real estate company that specializes in developing and managing large A-class properties in Estonia. Each and every real estate development being a reflection of our commitment to excellence – from analysis to design, from architecture to execution.

Take a look at our other developements:

300+ M€

Portfolio value

130 000+ m²

Lettable area under management

200 000+ m²

Development pipeline

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